Photo: Elle Bradford

In an interesting piece by Elle Bradford for Teen Vogue she discusses the experience of her transition from male to female and the costs associated with with it. In the article Elle, now 25 years old, breaks down everything from the costs of hormones to gender reassignment surgery and facial feminization surgery from when she started at the age of 15.

“It should also be noted, however, that no one has to undergo any of (this) in order to identify as transgender. This is simply my journey.”  – Elle Bradford


Elle also has her own YouTube channel along with 10,000 followers and growing. She does everything from talk about her experiences to makeup videos. Keep an eye out for her. You can view her channel and learn more about her transition below.



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Elle is a beautiful girl and she is so open about her story. As she says we all have different experiences and the costs of transition can certainly vary from person to person. The sad part is that many of us cannot afford these medically necessary procedures. Some of us are battling insurance companies. Some of us have families that take priority. Hopefully there will come a day when our issues will be seen as just as important as many other treatments. If some people only knew what dysphoria felt like I am sure the world would be a better place for us all. For now I just want to thank Elle for sharing her experiences.