Laura Jane Grace: True Trans

True Trans is a 10 part series featuring Laura Jane Grace and her journey as a transgender woman. She is the lead singer of the punk rock band “Against Me!”. The series was produced for AOL Originals.

In the series, Laura discusses everything from her childhood to coming out, transitioning, acceptance, being a parent and relationships. The series was originally shown in 2014 and you can watch in in it’s entirety from the window above.


About ‘True Trans’: The story of punk rock singer Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! who came out as a woman in 2012, and other members of the trans community whose expectations are woefully underrepresented and misunderstood in the media.

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Being a musician, I really identified with Laura’s story as we shared many similarities and I really identified with it. She also transitioned just a little bit ahead of me and it helped me a great deal when I watched the series. I have since been a big fan of hers. I admire how she is able to make being transgender so punk rock and she is true to who she is without caring about what people think.

Laura and her band Against Me! are currently in the studio working on their next album. If you are into punk rock, check out Transgender Dysphoria Blues. You won’t be disappointed. Their live album, 23 Live Sex Acts also rocks. They are both available through

  • Leonie

    Truly a fantastic series. Everyone should see this.

  • Ronin Sterling

    I’m excited to check out the series. I am a pretty big fan of the band and saw them play a kickin show locally in the spring. A lot of their music pre-transgender dysphoria blues is solidly punk while the theme of transition runs deep throughout transgender dysphoria blues and successive albums. They’ve put out some singles lately which has me hoping for another new album soon.

    In her music as well as interviews (Laura did an interview with NPR earlier this year) she poignantly captures her feelings, internal dialogue and compromises with gender from various periods in her life. From “Drinkin with the Jocks” desire to just be “one of the guys” transforming into the realization that the desire is a fallacy, to “True Trans Soul Rebel” and “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” themes of external acceptance/validation and support to dysphoria and self confidence captured in lyrics which shed light on some of the thoughts she’s had in her experience. Shape Shift with me is a powerful successor to Transgender Dysphoria Blues as well.
    I could go on, but I digeess; I don’t want to write an album review but trust me when I say it’s fantastic music that nearly any trans person can identify with.

    Visibility is vital, both for those within the community and those outside of it. I am grateful that Laura feels comfortable sharing her experience in such a fantastic manner.