Swedish vodka maker Absolut has created a stir after releasing their latest commercial titled “Darla”. The spot features a man who sees his old friend Dave at a music festival, only Dave has transitioned and is now Darla. The two share a night of music and Absolut Sea Breezes, resulting in the narrator learning a thing or two along the road to acceptance.

“Later, the two of US took a walk to watch the sun come up. She talked about her journey. She was my friend. The same person. The same heart. She hadn’t changed. I had.”

The spot is part of a new campaign titled #AbsolutNights. This is the second LGBT themed commercial in the series which also features “Blue”, a story of a woman who could night find her friends in a club and ends up meeting the girl of her dreams as she discovers her lesbian side.

Watch the “Blue” commercial below:


The #AbsolutNights “Darla” spot already has over 600,000 views on YouTube.

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I know there are those of us who can find many problems with this ad. It is still good to see an attempt to paint the transgender experience in a positive light. Absolut’s goal was obviously to make something controversial so people would talk about it. They were certainly able to achieve that here. I am sure the detractors out there are up in arms about these commercials. Either way I will see it as a small bit of progress, even if it comes in the form of a vodka ad.

  • Shannan

    ‘He’ told me his name is Darla now. Should have been. ‘She’ told me ‘her’ name is Darla now. Advert got it wrong!