Now is the Time to Come Out - The Weekly rant with Mila Madison - Transgender Universe

Now is the time for us to come out. The moment is upon us where we must draw the line and say we will no longer be oppressed. For too long we have hidden in fear while being forced to feel shame about who we are. It is time to say that the way we are being treated is unacceptable. It is time for us to demand equality. We all must stand up and be counted. The “T” can no longer remain silent.

We need to come out to our families, friends and coworkers. By doing so, we attach a face to what many view as just a concept because they do not see it in their daily lives. We make it too easy for people to reject us because we are not in their homes and we are not seen in their day to day routines. The movement to normalize our existence in society needs to happen now.

“Much like the hate groups and those that pose under the guise of their misplaced faith, we must organize.”

We must all come together. We need to respect the fact that everyone’s transgender journey is different. We need to accept that there is no one way to be trans and unite around our common struggle. We need to pool our resources and lift one another up from that which pulls us down. We must band together with same fervor as the groups that try to oppress us. Much like the hate groups and those that pose under the guise of their misplaced faith, we must organize. Instead of hiding under the veil of good to actually do evil, we will be the ones who actually do the good in the world. Together in concert with our allies, we will make the change that we wish to see.

Now is the time for us to come out - The Weekly Rant - Transgender Universe

For those of us who are in situations where it is unsafe to be ourselves, we must find a way to get to a safe place where we can be who we are. For those who are in better positions of stature, we must help those in our community who are in need of assistance or refuge. Those of us who can provide opportunities for the less fortunate in our community, must start providing them.

“It is time for society to see the great Addition that we are.”

It is time for the world to see that we are not mentally ill, we are quite the opposite. Some of the greatest minds in the universe exist within the transgender community. It is time we pool these great resources. It is time for society to see the great addition that we are. We must succeed in our daily lives, our occupations and aspirations in order to show the world the gifts in which we possess. We must act collectively to educate those who do not understand who we are by allowing them to see the great things we are able to accomplish.

No longer will we tolerate the crimes perpetrated against our community. No longer will we put up with the murders and beatings of our people. We will no longer let society see us as who they thought we were. We demand to be seen as who we are. We often hear that transgender people are only 0.3% of the population, though I believe that number is much higher. Together with our allies we can be a political force. We can bring forth the equality we seek.

As we celebrate pride this month, it is time to take pride in who we are. No longer will we be in the closet. No longer shall we be afraid. The time to break through the chasm that stands between us and the road to acceptance is now, and now is the time for us to come out.


Stay safe and keep fighting for all of us!


Love and peace,

Mila Madison

  • Kristen Browde


    Every time one of us comes out it helps the next person see
    that being trans is nothing about which to be ashamed; indeed, it’s
    something to celebrate.

    And every time we declare ourselves and openly live our truth those around us discover that we’re just like everyone else – that we’re neither scary, nor freaks, nor anything other than people who want to live their lives with integrity and enjoy the same equality and privileges as anyone else.

  • Tanya Griffiths

    Wow. That says it all. Everything I have been telling people since I came out last year aged 65. Sixty five years living in hiding, living in fear and living with guilt. My life has exploded like a fireworks display on New Years Eve and I am flying I am now fulltime Tanya and I have never felt remotely as happy as I am now. Gender euphoria is how I feel. I am on a crusade to spread the word to as many people as I can and I have found that people want to know, they want to understand and they want me to be a part of their lives. When they understand they regard me as inspirational for coming out and for being myself at such a late stage of my life. I do not want anyone else to go through life as i did for 65 years being unhappy and unfulfilled.

  • dancethesky

    I think we can all agree that coming out supports the trans rights movement. However, it can come at a very high cost to the individual. I think it’s wrong to tell our trans siblings that they must come out and risk their jobs, their marriages, their families, even their lives for the sake of that movement, or rewrite their lives to reduce the risk (eliminating it is not possible).

    Coming out is good in general, sure, but every individual has the right to determine what they want their journey to look like and at what speed it should proceed. While people still get killed all over the world for being trans I think a little caution and discretion is understandable.