KKK Targets the Transgender Community in Multiple States - Transgender Universe

It is being reported that the Ku Klux Klan has been spreading anti-transgender propaganda in multiple states across the U.S. Fliers paced in clear plastic bags filled with sand are being found in the yards and driveways of residents in Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia.

KKK Targets the Transgender Community in Multiple States - Transgender Universe
Photo: wkrg.com

The hate group, known as The Loyal White Knights of the KKK, seems to be upset over recent transgender bathroom laws and guidance issued from the U.S. Government. The fliers call transgender people an “abomination according to the King James Bible.” It also calls transgender people “freaks” while advising them to “use a tree out in the back yard.” The group is using the fliers as a way to recruit new members.

Watch the report from Fox 5 Atlanta:

“We don’t hate anybody, we don’t want to see Alabama go the way with Transgender bathrooms,”

Last month, the group spread their flyers in Mobile, Alabama. Locals in the community responded by laughing at them, as they seem to have targeted a demographic that would not be open to their cause. Television station WKRG was able to speak with Robert Shelton, who calls himself the Grand Dragon of the KKK in Alabama. According to Shelton, his group spread about 1,500 flyers in May. “We don’t hate anybody, we don’t want to see Alabama go the way with Transgender bathrooms,” stated Shelton. No hate? Did he read his flier?

Watch the report from WKRG Alabama:

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  • Smedulb

    A bunch of dudes wearing dresses and bonnets (and INSISTING they be made of pretty, shiny materials and special fancy colors for leaders) are telling people it’s an abomination for a man to dress like a woman.


  • ijoined2downvote

    I just threw up on my mouth a little.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    The KKK better be careful who they threaten. Not all transgender people are anti-gun, and I will use every weapon at my disposal to protect myself and my transgender friends from hate-filled bigots.

    • PROUD_Free_Thinker

      Same here. I am carrying.

  • Leslie Gray

    Is there a blue light special going on in bed linens again?

  • Jeff

    By making fun of the KKK your missing the real problem I THINK they are trying to get across. Up until lately, transgenders used womens restrooms and no one knew the difference. They didn’t hide, they acted like people and had respect. But ever since this order came down to open up womens bathrooms to transgenders legally, opened up some serious problems. Here is an example that happened in New Orleans. A woman goes into the restroom of a popular restaurant, and there are two men in there, dressed as women with hairy legs and wigs just standing around. Why are they in there? This woman had her 7 year old daughter with her, what would have happened if the daughter went in by herself??? I hate to think. The population of the US has coexisted with gay and transgender people for as long as I can remember without fear. Now, since this order came down from Washington, it has put fear in everyone because the true freaks are using this to satisfy their sexual desires. The KKK, along with many many preachers across the south do not like this new law because it opens the door for disaster. Ive listened to our preacher on this subject, and he made this KKK flyer sound like a children’s bedtime story, he actually swore during his sermon. I am glad someone is speaking up on this subject, even if it is the KKK. I hope that no one learns what possible criminal acts can happen by experiencing one first hand. A transgender can get groaped as well as a female can with this stupid law.

    • Jinoh

      Oh for heaven’s sake. So a transwoman is only acceptable if she’s pretty enough? Are you going to take the “just standing around” statement at face value? Nobody, and I mean nobody just “hangs around restrooms.” They may check their makeup and engage in a bit of chit chat while doing so (just like anyone else), but just “hang around?” Transwomen go into restrooms, do their business, wash their hands and leave like everyone else. Sounds like the lady is just making it up to get attention and to push her bigoted agenda. The reason these laws got started was to 1) protect young trans children trying to go to school 2) trans workers in the work place and 3) assert the right of trans people everywhere the right to get on with their lives without fear, no matter how pretty they were or weren’t. Transpeople to are just looking for some dignity.

    • rloge

      You are spouting pure paranoia. The notion that now that laws are being put in place to protect transgender rights, “true freaks” will finally be able to commit crimes is absurd. The fear that you say is now in everyone has long been experienced in real terms through hateful confrontations, harassment and even assaults on innocent transgender people. Spare me your ignorance.