Hiatus - Life Reset - Jahn Westbrook
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There come times throughout your life where reflection leads to a crossroads.  Continue ahead, in the present direction, or consider the other possible directions.  To continue ahead in many instances is the correct and true course.  Other times, veering off in an alternate direction, from your current impelled course, is warranted.  A third option is to take a brief hiatus and contemplate which direction to take at that crossroads.  I have reached such a sign post.

Carefully considering all my options, I have decided that I need to take a hiatus from contributing to Transgender Universe.  My emotional decision did not come easy, but I know it is the necessary course for me to take at this time.

To wit, I need to take pause and realign myself

I am sadly aware that I am not giving my best self with my recent articles.  That realization leaves me feeling vacant.  I feel a disconnect between myself and my audience with my recent efforts.  Should I continue with the status quo, I feel I would be doing a disservice to my community, and the impact I have on the readers to this site.  To wit, I need to take pause and realign myself.

interlocked ovals -hiatusThe interlocked ovals above represent how my emotional and mental selves have skewed out of alignment.  My reality is that it is of no singular issue or situation.  It is the collective sum weight.  I have increased my therapy sessions and am seeking out LGBT/AA meetings for community support and help.  Admitting I need help makes me feel like I’ve failed in some fashion.

At some future moment, when mind, body and spirit have harmoniously converged, I hope to be back with renewed vigor and vim.  Until then, I bid a tearful sayonara….

mir, irini, peace, amn


jahn westbrook

Being involved with, and proudly inclusive of, the Transgender community, I have come to know some incredible people.  Inspiring people.  Conflicted people.  Beautiful people.  Real people.  Whether you are an “L” or “G” or “B” or “T” we are all connected, sharing similar needs of understanding and wants of acceptance.  One World, One Love.  Let all go OWOL.

  • Jackie C.

    I hope for an unbelievable, never before thought possible, future for you. If you ever wonder what’s going to happen, it’s…. something wonderful.