Transgender Fetishism and the Culture of Chasers-Mila Madison-The Weekly Rant-Transgender Universe - Mila Madison on the perplexing and ironic perversions of the trans chaser in “The Weekly Rant”.

There is nothing quite as puzzling as the concept of the trans chaser. For those who are not in the know, a trans chaser is someone who is interested in a transgender person solely based on the fact that they are transgender. Mostly comprised of men who consider themselves “straight” but are attracted to trans women who look female and have male genitalia. There are also female chasers while trans men and non-binary people can also be found in the crosshairs of a chaser.

“The aspirations of the chaser are usually rooted in fetishism and they are perpetuated by the growing transgender porn industry.”

The aspirations of the chaser are usually rooted in fetishism and they are perpetuated by the growing transgender porn industry. Trans porn is the fastest growing sector in pornography. It uses derogatory terms such as t-girl, tranny, ladyboy and shemale, words often used by a chaser when pursuing a transgender woman. According to data reported by pornography website RedTube, searches of transgender content has increased by 47% since 2013. It also says that men are 455% more likely to search for transgender related content over compared to women. There is also data showing that states where transgender rights are suppressed, such as North Carolina and Texas, tend to be the highest consumers of this type of content.

Transgender Fetishism and the Culture of Chasers-The Weekly Rant-Transgender Universe - Mila Madison on the perplexing and ironic perversions of the trans chaser in “The Weekly Rant”.

Transgender chasers are said to see trans women and men as objects of their fetish or fantasy. Normally they do not see the person inside. Their only interest is usually sex and the fulfillment of a fantasy. Some scour Internet groups, focus groups and community centers with the hopes of feeding that fantasy. They use social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to find transgender people and message them. The chaser is often viewed as creepy and stalker like. Many trans people have experienced the advances of a chaser in some shape or form.

“The perplexing and ironic part of the trans chaser is that they are interested in the one thing that many trans people hate most about themselves.”

The perplexing and ironic part of the trans chaser is that they are interested in the one thing that many trans people hate most about themselves. That is usually pre-operative genitalia. This is one of the biggest issues the trans community has with chasers. Most of us want to be seen as who we are and not as an object or the very thing we dislike most about ourselves.


At the root of the problem is how society sees the transgender community as a whole. The portrayal of trans people in the media and film, the discriminatory laws being passed and propaganda being spread by hate groups with the intention of confusing people cause the subject of transgender people to be taboo. Most of their education on the subject comes from these outlets including the adult film industry. At the root of a fetish is the thought that it is forbidden and needs to be hidden. For example many men are afraid to date a transgender woman out of fear of being labeled as gay. Transgender people are often portrayed in film and TV as a joke or trying to trick a person. This adds to the problem.

Unfortunately things will not change until transgender people are normalized in society. This is the only way to break the taboo. People would be more accepting of dating someone who is transgender if society didn’t see it as something bad. Many of the problems we face as a community are ultimately tied to transgender rights. As those rights are achieved, as we are more normalized in society, the less of an issue these things become. For now however, we have to add trans chasers to the mountain of issues we have to deal with as a community. Remember not all people are chasers just because they are willing to date a trans person. It is only those who see us as a fetish or a sexual object. This is also not to say that there aren’t transgender people who are okay with chasers. There are some who don’t have a problem with it. To each his or her or their own I guess. Whatever you do, just be careful out there. Dating is hard for everyone, but just like everything else we deal with, it is a little harder for trans people.

Stay safe and keep fighting for all of us!

Love and peace,

Mila Madison

  • Monica Miller

    I respectfully disagree. It is a good thing that there are men (or anyone else) who are attracted to us. And I take no issue with being considered sexy – it beats being thought of as some sort of repulsive freak. Of course not all men are respectful, but that could be said about any subset of men (men who are attracted to ciswomen include many bad apples, too).

  • I spent a couple years serially dating guys in a rather desperate emotional state and made a lot of mistakes and poor judgments, and I can agree that many guys who date trans women are flawed in character, but that’s true of guys in the dating scene in general. The fact is that *people* who are unattached and over 30 probably are unattached for a reason, fetishes regardless.

    That said, I agree mostly with Monica. I think the saddest part about all this is that while the author of the article rightly says removing the trans stigma will help, she actually indirectly perpetuates the trans stigma herself by adding her voice to the chorus of society in shaming chasers. Her reasons are different, but the effect is the same.

    My perspective is unique because before transition I was considered a chaser. Although my dysphoria began in early childhood before I had any conscious sexuality, when I was older and hornier my personal academic interest in my dysphoria and prospect of transition led me to trans porn, and I figured out quite early that I was attracted to pre-/non-op trans women even more than I was attracted to cis women or men (I’ve always been pansexual af). I didn’t know any or how effectively to meet any (and this was over a decade ago when trans people were more underground socially), so I pretty much just shrugged and did the hetero/cis-normative thing so as to not rock any boats with my family.

    Later in adulthood I was in an open marriage and decided to indulge my un-cis/het side and made an effort to try to kindle a romance with a trans woman, and that didn’t really go anywhere (we’re real friends now though so not a complete loss), and I found generally the trans community wary to outright hostile to a perceived male with an outright trans attraction, so I didn’t keep my effort up for very long (I’m a pretty passive person anyway and coming at relationships from the male paradigm has never been easy or comfortable for me).

    After I started my transition I saw the matter from the other side, not just in dating chasers, but dating chasers who themselves were gender dysphoric, nonconforming, or questioning and who sought me out not just out of attraction but also to seek advice, guidance, etc. And, honestly, though I would like to think better of myself, that did in fact bother me. I didn’t want to be a guide, advisor, or a therapist, I wanted mutual love, not a project. So, yeah, in retrospect I can totally understand why a trans person would want to hold somebody like I was at arm’s length.

    That’s rather a niche in itself though, most chasers aren’t closeted trans people (rather most chasers are closeted bi/pan people ;), but I think as I said earlier that by singling out trans chasers as fetishists we’re fetishizing ourselves almost as much. When cis/het guys want only cis/het girls we don’t shame them as ‘cissy chasers’ because cis/het society believes that is normal. If we truly want society to stop stigmatizing and fetishizing us (any more than it already stigmatizes and fetishizes the super category of women’s sexual freedom), we need to stop being complicit in indirectly treating genuine attraction to us as “weird”. There are trans-attracted men who are good people with virtuous characters and we should celebrate them. There men who are bad people with no scruples, whether they’re into cis women or men or trans women or men is immaterial.

  • Brando Frm

    if you look around on twitter, facebook, reddit etc you will see clearly that it’s a split of non-op and pre op leading into post-op than the believed extremely low minority of non-op trans women they just don’t engage in polls or studies so their believed not to exist. men are ready to exclaim their attraction but the main thing running them away are trans women who want bottom surgery shaming their attraction by saying you should date trans women either way pre and post and if you don’t your a gay man in denial for wanting what you want instead of wanting them. it seems that pre op and post op women feel unwanted and in the minority of what men and even trans attracted women want and i can’t say their wrong.

  • Matthew Cross

    I was hoping to read even just a little bit about the objectification of FTMs but alas. Actually I’m not surprised.