The negative stigma toward those who de-transition. - By Bailey C.

Okay, I get it- in a world where our very life could be threatened by just existing; defending our identities and being taken seriously is crucial. But is it really worth putting down others?

I’ve talked about transgender and non-binary people being pressured into transition steps that they don’t want to take, but what about those people who find out they aren’t actually trans or non-binary after all?

“De-transitioning is a huge taboo subject in the trans community.”

De-transitioning is a huge taboo subject in the trans community. When someone who has come out as transgender or non-binary, and then later discover they were wrong about themselves, they revert to their former pronouns, and sometimes their old name and identify as cisgender once more.

The negative stigma toward those who de-transition. - By Bailey C.

With the efforts of those who oppose transgender and NB people living as they want, they hold up the stories of those who have de-transitioned as “proof” that being transgender is a phase or a choice. Because of this, many people who have de-transitioned are met with anger and often hatred towards them from the trans community, as they feel it makes them look “fake” and can harm people who are truly trans.

“Now, my unpopular opinion is we shouldn’t be hateful towards those people.”

Now, my unpopular opinion is we shouldn’t be hateful towards those people. Finding your identity is never easy, as those of us in the trans community know, so imagine having to do that all over again- and in some cases, with permanent changes already done. Was their transitioning done with the malicious agenda to “prove” transgender identities don’t exist? I highly doubt it.

We can’t control how the world identifies. We can’t control who discovers what about themselves. We can’t hide those who de-transition under the rug – the topic would pile up until it’s all that can be seen (as it makes us look like we’re hiding some “truth” behind smoke and mirrors.) Instead of hate and rage, which only further divides us, how about we put that energy towards reminding the world that de-transitioning is often not the case? The trans community is a large spectrum of identity and journeys of discovery- and that journey is different for everyone!

  • Michaela Eff

    Some de-transition and they invalidate us, just as we invalidate the myth-of-only-two-genders. It can’t be helped, can it? If everyone was really sure about themselves, we would not endanger anyone’s feeling of their own self and invalidate their existence, and the de-transitioning of some would not endanger our own feeling of existence, or not invalidate our existence.

    It would help to understand that people come in all shapes and flavors. And it would help one’s happiness to understand, that being hateful has both never been a good idea, and has never achieved anything.

  • Emma Sweet

    I would never disapprove of anyone who detransitions or think badly of them so long as they don’t hold up their experience to “prove” some invalidity of transgender people. Why would I? I agree with Michaela, hate doesn’t help anything.

  • Emily Wells

    As I struggle to find work, I am told by family and their friends that the best way to be taken seriously by employers would be to forget all this (meaning living authentically as me) and be who the person I was before (meaning go back to pretending to be someone I never was). I have no doubt that some detransitions would be due to people gaining a greater understanding of themselves and where they fit in the world. However, my situation makes me wonder how many detransitions are caused by circumstances. In these situation in particular, the person would not doubt feel that to be again fully accepted by society, it would be “expected” that they would denounce and reject Transgenderism as myth or lifestyle choice.

  • Being transsexual is not a lifestyle. But if some people will not respect or believe what you say as a woman or a man when you respond to them saying that ‘you are a woman or a man (however you identify as, and not that its any of their business,) then play along with them. Tell them you don’t live your old lifesytle anymore, tell them your’e a new person, that you were born again as👸/or👶 (however you identify as.) Then, stay away from them. Think God and angels and keep a smile on your face😇