Late Night Hosts Stand Up For Transgender Troops-Transgender Universe-America’s late night talk show hosts react to President Trump’s transgender military ban. – Friday Night Videos
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Photo: Comedy Central)

America’s late night talk show hosts reacted to President Trump’s transgender military ban this week.

The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah spoke with two transgender military veterans, Sergeant Major (Ret.) Jennifer Marie Young and Joey Whimple. They discussed what life was like serving in the military before they transitioned, how prepared and ready transgender people are to serve, and what being discharged for being transgender would actually mean. Young had explained how she was essentially forced to retire after reaching the highest ranks because she came out as transgender.

On Wednesday after Trump released his tirade of anti-transgender tweets, Stephen Colbert of the late show proclaimed, ”The President’s morning tweets are often crazy, but seldom as cruel as the pronouncement he made this morning.”

James Corden of the Late Late Show created a parody video supporting the LGBT community by changing the lyrics of the song “l-O-V-E” to “L-G-B-T”.

Seth Myers of Late Night had four of his female writers handle the situation.

Samantha Bee also took it to Trump on his transgender military ban at about 3:47 into the video below (warning explicit language):

Last but not least, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon turned his monologue over to transgender comedian Patti Harrison to put things in perspective.

  • Emma Sweet

    It’s great that these people are standing up for us, it really is. I’m also heartened by the generals and other military professionals who’re doing it too.

    Trump is simply trying to do a bait and switch, to spin the discussion away from his unseemly behavior and ridiculous positions, that are failing him. He’s getting desperate and maybe that’s good but I also worry that he will escalate his tweet-storms with North Korea, Afghanistan, perhaps Israel. A war would do him good right now.

    That said I’m at least as concerned that Pence is poised to take over. He’s not as nutty but maybe even a bigger threat.

    What an anxiety prone time to be an American.