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Do-I-Support-My-Transgender-Partner-or-Am-I-a-Gatekeeper-UA-Nigro-Trans-partners-Transgender-Universe - U.A Nigro discusses the difference between being supportive and being a gatekeeper during your partner’s transition. - Trans Partners

Do I Support My Transgender Partner or Am I a Gatekeeper?

After the shock of hearing the words, “Honey, I am transgender” have diminished, we as partners go throughout the five stages of grief. Sometimes...
Its not for me-Bailey C-Transgender Universe - Bailey C. on pressuring others into transition steps they don’t want to take.

It’s Not for Me!

Let It Grow-Jude Samson-Transgender Universe-Jude Samson discusses growing a beard and what it means to have one as a transgender man.

Let It Grow