Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Whose Idea of Femininity Are We Talking About- The Weekly Rant-Transgender Universe - How a transgender woman discovers what it means to be a female on her own terms in “The Weekly Rant” with Mila Madison.

Whose Idea of Femininity Are We Talking About?

Depending on where you look it up, the definition of femininity is usually defined as the quality of being female. You may also hear...
Young Man Traveler feet standing alone with sunset mountains on background Lifestyle Travel concept outdoor - In the last few hours before settling off in what I expect to be the journey of a lifetime, I can't help thinking about kindness and its ramifications.

Acts of Kindness

Yall Means All-Melissa Ballard-Trans Fanilies-Transgender Universe - This week we were at the Texas State Capitol in Austin for Transgender Advocacy Day and the following day we participated in the Senate Hearing for SB6.

Y’all Means ALL