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I Fell in Love With the Girl Inside of the Boy-UA Nigro-Transgender Universe - One partner speaks about how she always loved her transgender wife as her authentic self. - Trans Partners by U.A. Nigro

I Fell in Love With the Girl, Inside of the Boy,...

Looking back at my teenage self, I sometimes wish I had a fairy godmother to tell me that someday life would be worth living....
Since I have transitioned to presenting as female and telling my co-workers, my ideas are dismissed with no thought. - The Road to Jenny by Jennifer Simmons

The Day I Knew Nothing

Emerald City Gets It-Jude Samson-Transgender Universe - Jude Samson discusses a scene on NBC's Emerald City that struck a cord for him as a trans person.

Emerald City Gets It

Gender Roles - Transgender Universe

Slow Your Gender Roles