Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Let It Grow-Jude Samson-Transgender Universe-Jude Samson discusses growing a beard and what it means to have one as a transgender man.

Let It Grow

Its not for me-Bailey C-Transgender Universe - Bailey C. on pressuring others into transition steps they don’t want to take.

It’s Not for Me!



Transgender Musician Nominated for an Academy Award

Manta Ray This video is for the song "Manta Ray" from the motion picture Racing From Extinction. It was composed by transgender musician Antony Hegarty and...
Mothers Day 2017-Melissa Ballard-Trans Families-Transgender Universe - Melissa Ballard discusses motherhood, being a surrogate mom for transgender kids, and the stresses of mother’s day in the transgender universe. – Trans Families

Mother’s Day 2017